Outlook Express Error 0x800CCC79: Not Able to Send Mail? Then Turn on SMTP Authentication

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Are you experiencing difficulties with sending E-Mails in Outlook or Outlook Express? Does the program simply refuse to send your mail and report the error 0x800CCC79, for example?

Then the problem might be this: most providers now require you to log on to the SMTP server before you are able to send an E-Mail. In many cases it is enough to receive E-Mails and then send them. In these cases, the "POP before SMTP" rule is applied: the provider knows that you have logged on with your PC correctly and opens up E-Mail send for a while.

As an alternative to this, you can also enter your user name and password for SMTP send.

To do this, start Outlook Express and open the menu Extras - Accounts.

Then select the desired mail account by clicking on its name and then click on Properties.

In the window that opens, click on Server first, then on My server requires authentication.

Outlook Express Server Authentication

Generally, this should do the trick: Now, when sending an E-Mail, the user name and password you usually use to log on will be sent to the SMTP server.

If you need other information for your logon, click on Settings first and then activate Log on using.

Then enter the account name and password that you need to log on for SMTP send.

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kudos to you. checking the box did the trick.
[brian | 09.10.2007] Antworten

I had a similar issue, what I noticed is that in the inbox there was
an email that had a wrong address. Something like
www.wrongadd@company.com and would cycle through giving the error
message. So deleted that and got it working.
[Hilario Sevilla | 24.07.2007] Antworten

There are other things why you get an error mesage " 0x800ccc79 " .
unchecking " this server reuires a secure connection is not the only
troubleshooting for this. Some other settings and information are also
needed to be checked in Outlook Express. If someone needs some other
info you could also post on this website or try to email me.
[wendeL | 23.06.2007] Antworten

Man, this was a goooood explanation. THANKS!
/Mika from Sweden
[Mika Canter | 02.04.2007] Antworten

I don't know how to get rid of the error message and therefore I can't
continue with any other OE work. Can't find a link to get help.
[David | 03.08.2006] Antworten

THANK YOU! I've been struggling with getting our new server to send
email for 5 hours now!
[Kim Harrison | 17.06.2006] Antworten

it helps a lot.thax
[abu sufiyan | 10.03.2006] Antworten