Sweating and hyperhidrosis: here’s how to sweat less

"I sweat too much"; it’s a problem for many faced with the production of excessive perspiration. But… some people sweat more, some less. Those who belong to the group of people that sweat more don’t have much to laugh about, especially in the summer. And underarm perspiration and bodily odor are often the least of their worries. For example, anyone who has to carry out their duties in a fast-paced work environment while soaked in sweat can become seriously infected with a cold. Clothing that rubs against wet skin can promote skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or even make them worse - plenty of reasons to put an end to sweating.

If your body tends to produce excessive perspiration, then you should generally try to avoid coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks and spicy foods, in particular. All of these stimulate the production of sweat.

If that alone doesn’t help you, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. For example there are antiperspirants available that use aluminum chloride to constrict the perspiratory glands and therefore keep the production of perspiration in check. Such agents are much more effective than the deodorizers contained in deodorants which only affect the breakdown of perspiration and therefore prevent body odor. But be careful - these products don’t agree with everyone. For some, they produce anything from itchy, red skin to serious allergic reactions.

In serious cases, treatment by a doctor can help. In such cases, for example, the perspiratory glands under the arms can be removed or their use put to rest. Treatment with medications is also available. In such treatments, one of the biological messengers responsible for the production of sweat is blocked.

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