Formatting: Format drive C in XP or Windows 2000 and erase all data

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Formatting a hard drive is done with a few mouse clicks using the Disk Managment of Windows XP or Windows 2000

The option "format" however is grey for the drive C: or wherever Windows itself is located. This option is deactivated because the system does not allow to wipe itself off the drive.

Drive C: kann man nicht aus XP heraus formatieren

If you want to format this drive nevertheless, use this way:

Put the installation CD of XP or Windows 2000 into the CD drive assembly and start the computer again. It should soon say "Press a key to start from CD".

If not, you have to change the boot sequence in the computer´s BIOS. Another option is to use a special function key which shows a boot menu where you can chose the CD drive, if provided. The most common keys for this are [F12] and [Esc].

With the first screen of the setup program select "R" to enable the repair mode. The next screen allows you to select a Windows installation for repair and asks for its admin password after that.

Now you get a command line interface. Enter "map" here and you will get an overview of all partitions and their corresponding drive letter.

Formatting C: by using recovery console

If you made sure which drive you want to format, type the command "format", followed by the drive letter like

format c:

The system will then format the drive with the same file system type that the drive already has. Using the parameter "/fs:" you can choose a certain file system. If for example you want to format drive C: with NTFS you enter

format C: /fs:ntfs

To leave the console, type "exit".

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if your computer come with the cd to reinstall windows xp or vista ur
product key should be on your computer tower or at the bottom of your
laptop if you do find it write it down and put it away for safety.
[ruebin | 08.06.2010] Antworten

didn't work. I typed in "format c:" (tried it twice now), and nothing
was formatted. the installation just went over the old xp-version and
left the whole rest of the harddrive untouched. god, I miss windows
[neruda | 24.12.2009] Antworten

I don't know the administrator password. Anyway that I can still
format my c: drive when I boot up the computer in recovery mode as
described above ?
[Martin | 05.05.2009] Antworten

hello how are you i want to know if you may how i can make format with
vista windows and i hope you give me all the steps
[mohammad | 20.04.2009] Antworten

My computer with window 99 is telling me to insert a flopy boot
diskette.what can i do.
How can i format
[Sunday (yad) | 19.03.2009] Antworten

I have an old computer 2000mb windows98 its had windows 2000 pro put
onto it iv now put windows xp pro with the CD and code but it does not
run or go on the internet and never well !I use it to run a machine
but there is to much blue on drive c how can I format the hard drive c
,to make space for the machine program
[mr rumsey | 21.02.2009] Antworten

I try to format c dr in command prop not able to .I tried using my
comp i can only go so far remove prop is gray will not let me format
can you help me thank,s
[ED Wedemeier | 04.11.2008] Antworten

hi i am trying to format my c drive but when i get to the blue setup
screen i get "SETUPREG.HIV could not be loaded Can you help Plz.
[chris | 22.09.2008] Antworten

how do I reverse a recovery made by mistake?
[suzy noel | 04.09.2008] Antworten

i can t format my hard disk
wat means dismount volume
[samir | 29.04.2008] Antworten

i had win xp preinstalled in drive c and i have installed win vista in
drive d. Now i want 2 format drive c to keep vista only.i dont want 2
lose my 2 hrs in reinstalling vista.
[jin | 21.01.2008] Antworten

rick u just put the cd in when ur running windows 2000 and run the cd
and u will be able to upgrade it to ME :D
[Henry | 20.12.2007] Antworten

hello i just bought a pc for my grandson and it has windows 2000 on it
but i want to format the pc and get win 2000 off of it and put windows
ME on it i have a new windows me disk with product key but i dont
know alot about computers and i have never formated one before this
will be my first try i dont want to mess it up because my 7 year old
grandson will ground me can someone tell me how to do this step by
step please thank you rick my email is
[RICK HILL | 18.10.2007] Antworten

I have a Dell Dimensions 5150, running XP sp2 and i really need to
format my HDD but the problem is i have an inbuilt OS that is in a
separate partition from everything else, i don't have a windows disc
or any kind of recovery disc can anyone tell me how to format the
thing before it goes out the window, i would really appreciate any
help i can get with this.
[lynda | 03.10.2007] Antworten

When I try to format my HD in the repair console it starts off fine
but when I type in "format c:" it says "The parameter is not valid.
Try /? fior help." Allthough the drive I want to format IS c:. Even
the Console itself says that after I type "map" or "format /?"
Maybe its beacuse im installing XP on a german Laptop (with a german
keyboard), OR the error might be caused because there is Windows 2000
installed aswell.
Can anyone help me, please?
[Steffo | 04.09.2007] Antworten

i just pressed enter at the admin password stage, that seemed to be
[lewis | 25.07.2007] Antworten

I get to the point on the Recovery Console where you have to type in
the administrator password and thats where I stop.
What exactly is the administrator password? The password you use to
log on to XP or what?
As far as I know I am the computer administrator and entering my
log-in password doesn't work. Any tips would be much obliged?
I am rather annoyed as I am only about 2 steps away from formatting
the c drive.
[Daniel | 24.05.2007] Antworten

Tnkx Man that really. helps i was trying to figure it out for abour 2
[Kevin | 01.04.2007] Antworten

I want to reinstall WinXP. However, my CD is broke. I want to copy
I386 folder to a CD-RW, then try to reboot with that CD. I don't think
I can't do that. And if I format C: from the DOS prompt how, am I
going to reinstall XP. By the way I do have the Product Key #. Please
help me. Thank you.
[Rayner | 30.03.2007] Antworten

I want to clean my Hard Disc Windows XP because it is infected
VirusBurst and others and has problem with Anti Virus Nortonsecurity
2006 This is uncomplett installed
[robert | 15.10.2006] Antworten

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